About Us

About Us

The PC Optimizer is a PC performance enhancement and speed boost utility for all Windows PC users. It is equipped with the powerful Advanced Error Detection Technology. The PC Optimizer expertly detects all traces of junk files and system errors on your PC, and helps remove them instantly to reinstate optimal PC performance. It has several high-level PC optimization featuresthat ensure the best performance and speed at all times. Best of all, The PC Optimizer uses very little CPU during its scanning and optimization processes. The PC Optimizer has helped countless PC users get the best performance from their desktops, laptops and notebooks. It is a lightweight PC cleanup and speed boost utility with a unique feature set. It will ensure that you get the best out of your RAM and system resources and help you raise productivity. The PC Optimizer will perform all the necessary actions to help you get top level PC performance. PC freezes, crashes and errors will not bother you anymore.


The PC Optimizer – Advanced PC Optimization Features

  • One click scanning
  • Advanced Error Detection technology
  • Complete junk and system error fix
  • Advanced registry defragmentation
  • Startup application management
  • Secure system restore
  • Scheduled scans
  • Customizable scan settings
  • Minimal CPU resource use


    Reliable PC Optimization Software with Powerful Capabilities

    The PC Optimizer’s Advanced Error Detection Technology powers The PC Optimizer’s unique features. It expertly detects all traces of junk files, system and registry errors, corrupt and fragmented files etc. It’sone-click scanning lets you scan your entire system with a single click. Users get detailed lists of all detected issues along with Cleaning Urgency Levels (that signify the severity of threats). Users can easily defrag their system and registry files with The PC Optimizer’s Defrag feature. It instantly lists and defragments all scattered (fragmented) files. This helps speed up system response times and overall performance. Its Startup Manger is a special feature that gives you full control over all your startup applications. It lists all startup applications in a single window, from where you can enable or disable all your startup application permissions in seconds.

    The PC Optimizer lets you backup your system and registry settings with its Backup feature. You can create as many restore points as you need to, and access them later to revert back to your earlier settings. Users can edit the Scan Areas settings to leave out particular locations from The PC Optimizer’s scans. With the Exclusion List settings, you can exclude different file types from being scanned. You can set regular scans of your PC with the Schedule settings of The PC Optimizer. It lets you schedule scans at your preferred times and does full scanning at those exact times.

    The PC Optimizer cleans, repairs, defragments and optimizes your PC’s performance instantly. It is a reliable PC speed boost and performance optimization for Windows PC users. It runs on all Windows OS versions.